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From Finding Lost Husbands To Finding Houses Behind Mirrors: The Endless Range Of TikTok

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Sandpaper for hair removal gives a razor-smooth finish. Enough, it seems, to replace the razor altogether. How would one have stumbled upon this massive revelation, if not for the internet?

A TikTok video going viral across platforms has broken new ground on hair removal techniques. And for persons who choose to be hairless and have chanced upon this video, it comes as nothing short of discovery as momentous as finding water on Mars.

Using sandpaper for hair removal is neither a novel proposition nor is it medically certified, mind you. Keenness to the latter is especially necessary – professional advice on hair removal for the win always. But to the internet denizens, always on the lookout for an easier, cheaper alternative to things, it is like striking gold.

All that glitters, however, is not… you know how it goes.

Sandpaper For Hair Removal? Yes, And There’s More Where That Came From

Responding to a pertinent query on her viral video, Jules said, “The hootie-ha? Yeah, I don’t think I wanna do mine. That hair’s pretty coarse, and it might take some aggressive rubbing.” As much as internet hacks are life-saving, they’re not always foolproof and require some discretion before application. Here’s a better way to remove pubic hair. 

Even so, one can’t deny the lure of wonders in the TikTok universe is strong. Does one have enough will to resist its pull?

But using sandpaper for hair removal is just the tip of the iceberg.

Wedged between internet challenges and dance face-offs on TikTok lie some fascinating tidbits of knowledge from across the world, worthy of inducing at least an eyebrow raise if not a full-blown gasp and turning even the most overworked professionals into half-time sleuths.

This woman, for instance, brought notice to how her short film made years ago closely resembled a separate film that recently won an Oscar. (Her claim has been refuted by the awardee director.) This young woman flipped her skincare video into one that addressed human rights concerns around the CAA-NRC. High arts patron Martin Scorsese stepped into the TikTok battleground too this year – and for what? To identify items of women’s use, courtesy his daughter. And in 2019, a woman was able to find her missing husband using the platform!

Another woman earlier this year documented on TikTok her experience of finding a whole three-bedroom apartment concealed behind her bathroom mirror in New York. “You don’t know what you’re going to find,” she said.

There’s in fact no better sentiment to best describe this section of social media. You just never know what lies beyond a single click. And for all the negativity it simultaneously lugs around, that other fragment is a redeeming quality. Much like finding a house behind a mirror.

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