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Woman Buys Second-Hand Copy Of The Ring, Gets Spooked By Contents Of DVD Case

Haunted Photograph
A woman bought a copy of the horror film The Ring at a thrift shop and found a “totally not haunted photograph” inside.

Riley Cassidy found a photograph of a woman staring at the camera inside the second-hand copy of The Ring. She tweeted a picture of the open DVD case with the “haunted photograph” inside it.

She set a reminder for seven days later which said “Make sure you didn’t get murdered”. Several people tweeted that she should burn the photograph and DVD. Cassidy said she “threw the DVD in the very back of my shelf” and added that she was too scared to even look at the DVD.

In the film The Ring, whoever watches the cursed tape dies seven days later, thus Cassidy set the reminder for seven days later. Someone replied to her tweet that is that “both hilarious and creepy”, to which Cassidy said that the thrift store cashier didn’t appreciate “how big a deal this was” and added that she was glad for the validation.

Social media allows for people to freely interact with each other and has resulted in several hilarious and unexpected interactions. The TikTok user that used sandpaper to shave her legs instead of razors went viral. The comment sections were filled with viewers that were amazed by the technique along with viewers that raised valid questions about infections and skincare.

Filmmaker and producer Cynthia Kao used TikTok to compare a short film she made in 2016 to a short film that recently won an Academy Award. Kao’s short film Groundhog Day For A Black Man was amplified by the publication NowThis News in 2020. The publication mentioned that the channel would give her credit when her film was shared.

In 2021, Netflix released the short film Two Distant Strangers which had the same plot as Groundhog Day For A Black Man. After Kao’s TikTok went viral, people spoke out on Kao’s behalf and comments under the Netflix short film have multiple allegations that Kao’s idea was stolen.