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Six Breast Things That Are Completely Normal. Listen to Dr Niveditha

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Normal breasts: A woman’s breasts go through several changes in the course of her life. This can happen during her period, pregnancy or during her puberty.

Changes also during at the time of menopause. But beyond these, there are other things which are absolutely normal and one need not see a doctor in these circumstances. Dr. Niveditha talks to SheThePeople about 6 such normal breast things we need not worry about.

She begins by saying that we are all aware of breast cancer awareness and how we need to examine our breast and look for what is abnormal. But sometimes we miss seeing what is normal. “Only if we know what is normal in our breasts, we would actually know whether we have to worry about what is normal? Or worry about what is abnormal? Or even recognise what is abnormal?”, she says.

The following are the 6 normal breast things Dr. Niveditha states

1. Size of the breasts

Talking about the size of the breasts, the doctor says that it is completely normal to have breasts of two different sizes. One can be big and the other can be small. One need not worry if the size of their breasts aren’t the same. “If you are always someone who had one breast smaller than the other, that’s okay and you do not have to worry about it,” she confirms.

2. Colour of areola

The colour of the areola around the breast can be anywhere between light pink to dark black colour and they are all normal. “They do not have to be perfect pink like we watch in porn,” she continues.

3. Alignment of the breasts

Dr. Niveditha highlights that both the breasts do not have to be aligned. One breast can be lower than the other and it’s a normal occurrence. This is because sometimes the breast tissue is a little bit held up on the one side and on the other side, the case may not be the same. “If it’s always been that way, that is fine as well,” she says.

4. Pain in the breasts

An important thing that can happen with normal breasts is that one can have a pain in both the breasts around their menstrual cycle. If this pain happens in both the breasts along with every period, then that is okay and is called cyclical pain. It happens due to the hormonal changes in one’s body.

5. Lumps in breasts

What also happens is, we can feel it really lumpy on both the breasts around our cycle. “If you feel it get really lumpy both your breasts but it is happening around your periods and then it goes away and comes again and goes away, that is something you don’t have to worry about,” says the doctor.

6. Nipple discharge

Finally, in the list of normal breast things, Dr. Niveditha talks about nipple discharge and says that one only needs to worry if nipple discharge comes out of one nipple. “But if you are having some amount of discharge when sucked on or when squeezed or expressed from both the nipples, that can be normal and you do not have to worry about it,” she says.

Dr. Niveditha concludes her session by saying, “How much ever I say all these things and how much ever I tell you there are things that you don’t have to worry about and there are things that you have to worry about, if in the slightest of your mind you feel like something is wrong, go with your gut feeling and go and check it out with the doctor because even normal things are definitely better and it makes you feel better when it is reassured by your doctor saying ‘don’t have to worry about it and this is something normal. So don’t sit back and don’t think or don’t google actually to see if things are normal or not for you. I always encourage people to go and get it checked if you are in doubt because that is the best way to get yourself reassured and at peace.”

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