Who Was Adam Perkins? The Late Vine And TikTok Star That Passed Away At 24

Who Was Adam Perkins ,adam perkins
Who was Adam Perkins? Perkins was a former Vine star and TikTok star who passed away on April 11. The news of his death was confirmed by his twin brother Patrick Perkins on Instagram.

On April 14, Patrick revealed that his twin brother Adam had passed away three days prior. He also shared throwback photos of him and his brother. In his Instagram post, he wrote “I’m struggling to find the words to explain what it will be like for me to live in this world without him. My best friend.” He also shared the news of the passing on Twitter. The cause of Adam’s death was not revealed.

The late Adam Perkins rose to fame on the now-defunct platform Vine. His most viral video was the “Welcome to Chili’s” vine which was released in 2015.

Who Was Adam Perkins?

  1. Adam Perkins was a musician who studied music composition at New York University. He described himself as a “composer, musician, spreadsheet wizkid” on his Instagram.
  2. The 24-year-old had revealed in March that he was a business analyst that was working in data.
  3. As a musician, Adam released an album named Latch Relay in 2018 under the name Plas Teg. His brother Patrick stated that he would be releasing the album on a limited edition vinyl. He wrote that “It will be the first release on Plas Teg Records, a label that will seek to fulfil his musical destiny that was tragically cut short.”
  4. Adam Perkin’s ex-boyfriend Kelton Elliot revealed in his Instagram post that they had discussed how they would want to be remembered after their death. Elliot stated that “he said he’d like to be remembered for his art. His music.”
  5. His viral “Welcome to Chili’s” Vine video had more than watched more than 20 million times before the platform was discontinued.

Fans and fellow Vine and TikTok stars took to Twitter to pay tribute to Perkins.