As Beena Antony Fights COVID-19, Husband Manoj Shares Emotional Video

Beena Antony with husband Manoj
Beena Antony: Actor Beena Antony’s husband Manoj shared the actor’s journey as she fights against Coronavirus in the hospital. He also said that Beena is now out of danger.

Popular Malayalam TV actor Beena Antony has been hospitalised after she tested positive for COVID-19. On Monday, her husband Manoj opened up about the ordeal their family facing in these difficult times.

In a video that Antony’s husband posted on social media, he revealed that Beena Antony had isolated herself immediately after she got to know that someone from the sets of her shooting had tested positive. Though her antigen test was negative, her RTPCR test came out as positive. Soon she developed pneumonia but after fighting the disease, “she is out of danger”.

In the video, he said that it was one of the toughest situations in his life. Beena had symptoms for a couple of days. “She was under self-quarantine after one person from a shooting set tested positive for COVID”, he shared.

Antony was taken to the hospital when her symptoms worsened. When the doctors found that her RTPCR test was positive, they started the treatment. Soon, they realised that she had pneumonia. After hiding the news initially from both his wife and son, Manoj informed them only when Antony insisted. “I lost my courage when the doctors asked me to look for hospitals with better ICU facilities. Now, by god’s grace, she is out of danger”, he added.

As he neared the end of the video, Manoj said that he was saying all these as a piece of information. He asked everyone to be careful and not fool themselves by not wearing masks. The actor’s husband reminded the viewers to have a hand sanitiser and skip all gatherings. He further added, “Don’t think you are fooling police officers or the government. You are fooling yourself. We are going through a situation where currency notes don’t even have the value of paper. Please stay safe”.

As Manoj got emotional by the time he reached the conclusion of the video, he said that God gave him the strength to bear everything, else he would have died of a heart attack.

Beena Antony first appeared as a child artist in the movie Onno Muthal Poojyam Vare. Later, she appeared in many other films, some of which include Godfather, Yodha, Adharam etc. She is currently working in the daily soaps Mounagram and Pookkalam Varavayi.

Image credits: Kerala Kaumudi